If you are an employee and you feel that you have a disability that qualifies for an accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Contact the Personnel Director at (435) 613-3073. You can feel comfortable talking with Personnel about a disability without fear of an adverse action.
  2. Personnel will give you the following forms:
    1. Employee Request for Accommodation: To be completed by you, the employee.
    2. Documentation of Disability: To be filled out by the diagnosing professional
    3. Functional Limitation Form: To be filled out by the diagnosing professional
  3. Once the forms have been completed, take them to the Director of Personnel.
  4. Personnel will evaluate the Diagnosis of Disability Form to determine if your disability qualifies for protection under the ADA.
  5. If the answer is yes, then you will work with Personnel through the interactive process to determine suitable accommodations. If necessary the Employee Job Description, the Request for Accommodation Form, and the Functional Capacity Form will be used to determine possible accommodations. Sometimes we come up with a list of alternatives and we choose the one that best meets everyone's needs. After a period of time, we will evaluate the accommodation to see if it is working for everyone. If we find it is not working, we can possibly try something else.

Once again please feel free to contact Personnel, (435) 613-3173, at any time if you have questions about ADA/Section 504 Accommodation requests.