Carbon School District participates in all state required assessments.

The reports from these assessments are available in the links located on this page. 

Judy Mainord Assessment Director 613-3169 jmainord@carbonschools.org

Kerry Jensen Technical Specialist 613-3167 jensenk@carbonschools.org

Data Gateway

The Data Gateway link above connects to the homepage of the Utah State Office of Education. The gateway presents the reports in this document as well as historical information on assessment within the state.

SAGE 2015-16

The Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) is the most widely known assessment in Utah; it evaluates student learning in English Language Arts (ELA) grades 3 through 11, math grades 3 through Secondary III, and science grades 4 through physics. The ELA assessment includes two writing prompts at each grade. All students receive individual reports of their proficiency in each subject. Proficiency levels are 1 - below proficient, 2 - approaching proficiency, 3 - proficient, and 4 - above proficient.

Title 1 Report Card

The Title I program is a federal program that provides funding that supports students’ achievement in reading and math. This program requires that each Title I school informs parents of its achievement. The link above will show the PACE report for Title I schools, which are Bruin Point, Castle Heights, Creekview, Sally Mauro, Wellington, and Lighthouse High School. The report shows the schools’ achievement in all subjects, by whole group, and by sub-group. The School Grading link reports the same information in terms of traditional grading in both achievement and growth.


Parents may choose to opt out of a variety of assessments. The Opt-out link above includes a list of assessments from which students may be excused. Parents who wish to opt-out may write a letter to their school principal and indicate which assessments they are choosing for opt-out. Parents and students will not receive achievement reports for these assessments.

SAGE Portal

The SAGE portal presents information about the assessment and student practice assessments. The Parent link below accesses these documents. Parents may register on the home page of the portal to receive updates on SAGE.

Utah State Board of Education

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