District Policies

All District employees are responsible for reading and abiding by all district policies, which include "Teacher Personnel Policy", "Classified Employee Policy" and "Carbon School District Policy". A list of critical policies will be reviewed with you at The New Teacher Orientation prior to the start of school as well as by your school principal at the beginning of each academic year.

Utah Licensure

Utah Licensure is required for all certificated employees placed on the teacher’s salary schedule. State Law requires that employees hold credentials that are current. Employees must possess a teaching license with endorsements in the area or subject for which they are employed. The State Board of Education sends licenses directly to the employee (not the district). As a condition of your employment, you must meet all requirements to be Highly Qualified under federal No Child Left Behind requirements and pass a background check before beginning work.

Teacher Interns

Teacher Interns are treated in the same manner as a regular full-time employee except: 1) the pay is three-fourths the regular teacher’s salary, 2) Interns have a one year contract, and 3) an Intern is required to have a letter authorizing them to inturn. This letter which is to be obtained from your university program.

Change of Name and/or Address

The Change of Address form is available in the Payroll Department. Please submit these changes to us ASAP.

Transcripts & Salary Placement

Licensed employees must submit to the Human Resources Department the following documents:

  1. Original Transcript(s): The transcript must list the degree and the date the degree was received. A key or legend (which identifies graduate hours) and term schedules (semester, quarters, etc.) must be provided, if transcripts are from universities outside Utah. Once transcripts are submitted to the Human Resources Department, they become the property of Carbon School District. Please make personal copies before submitting transcripts.
  2. Employment verification Form(s): On the Employment Verification Form, please complete the top three lines and forward this document to your former district for completion and employment verification. If you have worked for more than one district, additional forms are required and may be obtained in the Human Resource Department. Prior Carbon School District experience will not require verification.

Initial Salary Placement Verification

Initial Salary Placement Verification is the responsibility of the employee. When your transcript(s) and verification(s) are received in the Human Resource Department, they are evaluated to establish your initial placement on the salary schedule. Only graduate numbered university credits that were taken after you received your original teaching certificate are counted for initial salary placement.

If Human Resources has not received all verification documentation at the time of your initial salary placement, you will be placed at the salary level the Human Resources Secretaries can verify.

When additional verifications are received in the Human Resource Department and a salary placement adjustment is warranted, your salary placement will be adjusted retroactively, to the beginning of the current contract year, if verification is received within 60 days. Verifications submitted after 60 days will become effective the first of the month following the receipt of those verifications.

Substitute teaching experience is not eligible for credit on the salary schedule.

Salary Lane Change

In accordance with the District Personnel Agreement, page 4, an educator who intends to receive a higher degree or advance to another lane must file in writing with the Carbon School District.

  1. After the educator’s lane advancement has been filed, the educator’s contract will be issued at the current salary level until October 1st.
  2. After documentation of credits, by providing an official transcript to the Carbon School District by October 1st, a new contract will be issued retroactively from the beginning of the school year.

Social Security Card

The Federal Government requires employers to pay all employees according to the name on their social security account. For that reason, a copy of your actual Social Security Card is required. If the name on your card has changed, or you have lost your card, you are required to apply for a new card, in order for the Human Resources Department to verify that you are being paid by the correct name.