Carbon School District LEA Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Policy # GCBA Spanish Version

1. Carbon School District believes that parents are equal partners in the education of their children. Parental involvement is essential to children achieving high academic standards and successful life occupations. In support of strengthening student academic achievement in Title I, the Board adopts this policy establishing its expectations for collaboration with parents to help their children learn and to increase parents’ involvement in school activities and decision-making about their children’s education.

2. Carbon School District will involve Title I Parents in the development of the district Utah Consolidated Application (UCA) plan through the following actions:

a. A parent representative from Title I schools shall always serve on the committee whose responsibility it is to jointly develop and review AYP results, the Carbon District UCA plan and parent involvement plan.

b. A yearly review of the schools’ Title I school improvement plans will be completed and the needs of the Title I schools will be included in the UCA Plan.

3. Carbon School District will involve parents in the process of school review and improvement, as well as, an annual evaluation of the LEA and school parent involvement policy, through the following actions:

a. A UCA Title I committee and school level committees will be assembled yearly composed of the following members: Title I LEA Coordinator and District Administrators, Title I School Administrators, Title I School Classroom Teachers, and Title I School Parents (minimum 2)

b. The role of this committee and school level committees will be to review Title I School academic achievement and data, the Title I school improvement plans, school goals and programs, parent involvement policies/compacts/plans, Trustlands, at each school and the LEA UCA Plan at the district level.

4. Carbon School District will provide support and technical assistance to assist schools in effectively implementing parent involvement activities and building the schools’ capacity for strong parent involvement, which increases student achievement by:

a. Providing support and training for the school’s literacy programs, math and climate/culture with coaches and specialists through on-site support, professional development and networking.

b. Connecting to district programs and resources, and state agencies.

c. Providing funding for parent involvement activities and programs for Title I schools which will not be less than 95% of the 1% reserved for parent involvement.

5. Carbon School District will integrate a parent involvement strategy with strategies that

support early learning, transition and parenting needs of young children through:

a. Continued support of Head Start programs

b. Ongoing establishment and support of Title I preschool programs as space and funding is available.

c. Integration of parenting and learning at home activities for young children in school family literacy sponsored events both at the district and school level.

6. The district administration has established a review process of resolving Title I issues and concerns consistent with federal and state law. A Title I Complaint Form is available at the district office. Written complaints will be addressed first at the school level with the principal, then referred to the district Title I director if not resolved at the school level. The process will continue as follows: principal, district Title I director, district superintendent, district school board and then referred to the state Title I director. Local complaint procedure will be completed within 30 business days and findings will be submitted to the complainant in writing.

7. Carbon School District will make accommodations for parents who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited English proficiency and/or need accommodations or language translation.

Please feel free to contact your school principal or district Title I Director with any questions or concerns.

The district office phone number is 637-1732. Additional Title I information is located at: http://www.schools.utah.gov/TitleI/.