Medical Conditions

Do you have a Child with a Special Consideration...

Contact Heidi Yoklavich, R.N., District School Nurse at 435-637-3671

Medical Conditions such as:

  • Diabetes (requires: Diabetes Health Care Plan & Glucagon form)
  • Asthma (requires: Asthma Action Plan)
  • Food Allergies (requires: Food Allergy Action Plan & Epinephrine Form)


  • Needs medications in school (requires: Medication Order)
  • Needs a special diet at school (requires: Special Dietary Request)

(per District Policy & Utah State Laws; certain forms are required.)

At the bottom of this page you can download forms, parents need to fill them out, signatures of parent and physician required, leave them with the office at the school.

2017/2018 Immunization Requirements - scroll to bottom of the page

Kindergarten & Seventh Grade 

School Immunization Requirement

Utah School Immunization requirements


Seizure Health Plan

Medication Authorization Form

Seizure Medication Management Form

Tylenol Authorization Form

Special Dietary Request Form

Diabetes Emergency Action Plan

Asthma Health Plan

Diabetes Health Plan

Diabetes Medication Management Order

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Health Plan