Creekview Elementary

Parent Emergency Guide

Creekview Elementary has an emergency plan to help maintain stability in difficult times. We are providing parents with a simplified copy of the plan in order to make them aware of how they will be notified of emergencies. It also provides information on how and where to pick up children in emergency situations. Awareness of procedures helps for smoother transitions.

How will I be contacted?-

The Parent Link system will be used to contact parent, guardians, or emergency contacts on file for your children. Please make sure that your emergency card is filled out completely. If this system is not available the local radio stations will send out a message via the emergency broadcast system. These are the designated stations for this system for our area:

750 AM 1080AM

103.9 FM 104.7 FM

98.3FM 100.1 FM

Where will the children and principal be?-

The field to the right of the school will be the command center. If shelter is needed the church next to the school is our designated safe shelter. These are the locations that you can find your children and school authorities.

How do I get my children?

The Student Release Plan will be in force during emergencies. Parents or emergency contacts must sign out each child from the command center. Please be familiar with this plan. Only those whose name is on your emergency cards will be allowed to sign out your child. In some cases the buses will be called out to take children home. The Parent Link or radio stations will let you know if this is happening. Please know that the safest place for you and your child is to be out of the way of emergency personnel & buses during an emergency.

We encourage you to talk with your children about emergencies they might encounter, and have a family emergency plan. This will help your children to have less fear of what can happen during the scary times in an emergency situation. More resources for families can be found at: www.beready.utah.gov