The goal of Physical Education is to provide regular participation in physical activity for all students K-5th grade, to achieve and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness, to value physical activity for health and enjoyment, to challenge self-expression and social interaction.

In the gym is a large PE Word Wall that allows students to visualize how "Locomotor, Non-Locomotor, Pathways, or Direction" words relate to ways they move their body in motion and patterns during physical activity.

The most important part of PE is to teach Life Skills. These include integrity, perseverance, safe practices, adherence to rules, respect for self and others, cooperation and teamwork.

Creekview is a Gold Medal school. We attained the Platinum Award for the 2011-12 school year and continue to meet the requirements and expectations. We also participate in Jump Rope for Heart and many other fun and exciting physical education activities.

Jacki Houskeeper is our PE instructor.