Bullying Prevention

Creekview Elementary recognizes that bullying at school reduces a student’s ability to learn and achieve. Further, bullying can negatively affect a student’s health and well-being. Creekview encourages students and parents to contact the school with any and all concerns with regards to bullying behaviors.

Bullying conduct is best addressed in schools which are characterized by adults who display positive interest and involvement with students, who set firm limits against unacceptable behavior, and who apply non-hostile negative consequences and sanctions if youth break the rules. Schools who take bullying seriously will consistently supervise non-instructional time and activities, will provide carefully prepared instructional activities throughout the day, and will maintain bully-free classroom environments.

Definition: Bullying is defined as behavior that is intended to cause harm or distress to an other human being. Bullying reflects a relationship where an imbalance of power exists. Bullying is often repeated over time.

A. Bullying will have the effect of harming a student or damaging a student’s property or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to his/her person or damage to his/her property.

B. Bullying has the effect of insulting or demeaning any student or group of students in such a way as to cause disruption or interference with the orderly operation of the school or the student’s participation in school programs or activities.

Examples: Direct bullying usually involves, but is not limited to, hitting, kicking,

excessive teasing, or making offensive and sneering comments or threats

to others.Direct bullying also includes any type of cyber bullying.

Indirect bullying involves but is not limited to exclusion from groups,

negative rumors and manipulation of friendships.