When dropping your students off or picking your students up at Mont Harmon Middle School we ask that you abide by the following practices. Students may not be dropped off or picked up in the upper parking lot on the hill. That lot will be used for handicap access as well as faculty and staff parking only.

Please observe the entrance and exit signs along the south side of the building for your student drop off. Please do not use the bus lane at any time to drop off or pick up your student, this includes the conclusion of sporting and other extra-curricular activities.

There are two loops through the south lot, with a quick drop off lane just feet from the south entrance doors. As a courtesy to other drivers, parents should be prepared to quickly drop off their student in this lane. Another loop through the parking area allows for a slower paced drop off for those days when your student needs that last minute lunch money, hug, or kiss. Please pull into a parking stall if needed.

Parking lot diagram