Creekview’s Schedule Chock Full of Programs and Activities

Last year, every school in the Carbon School District was limited in the events they could host because of the COVID pandemic. So, this year, all the schools are making up for it, including Creekview Elementary.

“We have had a very busy fall,” said Creekview Elementary Principal Keith Palmer. “Things are getting pretty close to being back to normal. We have been having events and are able to do things, some of which we have not been able to do for two years.”

The Literacy Night at the school was a huge hit as Cami Carlson came and spoke about her children’s book during the second week of November.

“We missed doing that last year, but held it the other night and she came and talked with the students and their families,” Palmer said. “She discussed her book ‘Run Cow, Run.’ It’s about realizing your dreams and striving for excellence. She was awesome. We provided dinner for the families and we had about 130 people here for the event.”

The school has also had an aviation program going on with former Creekview student Alex Thayn doing presentations to various class levels over two different weeks. He is an aviation student at Utah State University and is providing the presentations as a senior project before he graduates. Thayn starts with videos he took during training flights. He then discusses being a pilot and some of what it takes. The presentation ends with students doing a project where they cut small flyers out of paper from a pattern with help from Alex and the teacher.

Fifth grade students are gearing up to go to Spencer F. Eccles Junior Achievement City in Salt Lake City soon. It is a mock business experience and they had to interview for the jobs they will have when they get there.

“We invited members of the community to come in to do the interviews,” explained Palmer. “This gives the students a great experience in talking with people. We had district personnel here, two school board members, a mayor, a county commissioner, a pharmacist, a lawyer, a doctor, a highway patrolman and others from the business community. It was great how many people came to help with that process. We had real diversity in terms of individuals from the business sector and the public world. It was a great experience for the students.”

The school also had its Constitution Bee on Nov. 12. The three winners were Ethan Dalley (first place), Eliza Shannon (second place) and Mathew Blackburn (third place). All received cash rewards for their efforts and performance in the bee.

Finally, the entire school is gearing up for a special day in the sun when Angel Flight comes to town in December. Each year, one elementary school in Utah is selected to participate. On that special day, planes fly into a rural community’s airport, bringing gifts and supplies to schools in Utah. This year, that school is Creekview Elementary and it is the first time a Carbon County school has been selected for the honor. That will happen on Dec. 10 or a date near that depending on the weather.

Karl Wood from the Price Lions Club stands with Constitution Bee winners Ethan Dalley (first place), Eliza Shannon (second place) and Mathew Blackburn (third place).