We’re Making Music!: A Celebration of Performance

Families and friends were treated to a special delight on Wednesday, April 13th as Mrs. Wendy Grant, the Wellington Elementary students and the Musical Majors put on the annual spring performance. This year’s performance was held in the high school auditorium, and Wellington Warrior families and friends filled the seats.

The Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classes started the performance with a lively tune called “A Beat in my Feet” featuring Drum Majors Allie Shorts and Mattingly Willson. The students were obviously enjoying themselves with giant grins adorning their faces while they danced and sang.

Many of the musical numbers featured special players, vocalists, and dancers. There were also two piano solos: one by Bridger Frandsen and the other by Carina Bates; a violin solo by Logan Bryant; and a guitar duet by Lexi Rauhala and her father, Travis Rauhala.

The final number was “I Wish you Music” by the entire elementary group: grades Kindergarten through 5th. From a musical performer, there is no sentiment quite as powerful and sincere as wishing someone music. That sincerity was felt in these small but strong voices as they sang out to all of their loved ones in the audience.

The program concluded with Wellington Principal, Mrs. Paulie Vogrinec, delivering a heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Wendy Grant, the program director. Mrs. Grant has now been in charge of the music program for 11 years. She expressed how impressed she was with the program and Mrs. Grant - this having been Mrs. Vogrinec’s first year experiencing the program.

Congratulations to Mrs. Wendy Grant and the Wellington Warriors on a successful and wonderful Spring Program.