RETIREMENT - Kathy Price

Kathy Price was employed with Carbon School District since 1984.  She was hired by Bill Gentry and was trained and taught by him to drive every bus the district had including the old conventional, manual transmissions buses, grinding gears up and down the highways and county roads with Bill cussin’ all the way.  Kathy says that you had to know Bill to get the full effect.  But after all that gear grinding and cussin’, she made it!  She was finally a bus driver! 

She started as a sub driver and was assigned the Helper route and drove that for 16 years.  Kathy had a special needs route for about a year and also drove for activity trips. 

For the last 20 years, she had a full time position in the shop as Maintenance – keeping buses fueled, cleaned, washed and ready to go.  During this time she became an Instructor for Classroom and Behind the Wheel bus training.  Kathy is certified as a CDL 3rd party Examiner which is no easy feat!

Kathy is looking forward to spending time with her grandkids and taking their yearly family vacation to Alaska this summer and just enjoying her life with family, friends and her dogs as well as training her horses, barrel racing, relaxing and just having as much fun as the law will allow.  We'd like to wish Kathy an enjoyable retirement!