Carbon School District

The Retirement Banquet for 2022’s retiring faculty and staff was held at the Carbon School District Office on Monday, May 16, 2022. This year, Carbon School District celebrated seven retirement honorees. The honorees are Bruce Bean from the District Office, Nona Burgess from Sally Mauro Elementary, Wendy Cowley from Mont Harmon Middle School, John DeSandre from Carbon High School, Karee Hunt from Carbon High School, Joyce Houskeeper from Mont Harmon Middle School, and Kathy Price from the Transportation Department.

The banquet is held each year there are any CSD faculty and/or staff who are retiring; it is organized by Mrs. Toni Thayn and Mrs. Heather Martines - the district’s administrative assistants, and is open to the retirees and their families, members of the district’s administration, and members of the school board. This year’s banquet began with a welcome by Superintendent Mika Salas and an invitation to enjoy the food.

Family and friends of Bruce Bean, Nona Burgess, Karee Hunt, and Kathy Price were present to celebrate their loved one along with members of the school board and administration. Following the meal, each retirement honoree was invited up one at a time with an individual of their choice who would provide a reflection of the honoree’s time, accomplishments, and memories from their time with Carbon School District. Cami Carlson spoke on Bruce Bean’s behalf, Sarah Marquez for Nona Burgess, Seth Allred for Karee Hunt, and Bruce Bean for Kathy Price. Each spokesperson’s remarks were heartfelt and sincere, and a testament to the strong friendships that can develop between individuals within our district. Following the remarks, each honoree was presented with a retirement plaque from Mika Salas.

Mrs. Salas concluded the banquet with thanks to Mrs. Toni Thayn and Mrs. Heather Martines for the hard work and dedication they put into the banquet this year, and every year. She thanked the family and friends of the retirement honorees for their presence and the honorees themselves for all they have done in and for Carbon School District.