New Lunch Menu Website

The Child Nutrition Program is making a change and adding a new website that will link all of our resources into one place.   On the new website, you can view the menu, make lunch payments, learn about nutrition & fitness and view our wellness policy as well as apply for free & reduced lunches.  There is also an option for a Mobile Menu.        The link to the website is Carbon School Menus

You will order your students salads from the website as well:

Steps for Online Salad Ordering:
1. Open the browser to
2. Click on the Menus option ( It will be across the top in a Blue line)
3. On the Menu Page scroll DOWN till you see the Months Menus (October 2023)

From here you can view the Lunch Menu’s for each of the grades and Order your salad.
4. Click the Online Salad button to see the salad options.
5. In the black bar at the top, there are several options available such as Nutrients, Print,
Accessible view, Translate, and in BLUE is Online Ordering.
6. Click that phrase.(online ordering)
7. Then follow the directions: Pick your school, Your student number or staff number (the Staff
number will have the S or F in front of the number and it will need to be Capitalized.
F199999 or S00000)
8. Your name and ID # will show up at the top and in the bottom right corner of the square,
you will see the History, Add to Balance, and Order Meals buttons. Click Order Meals.
9. From here, you can Click the salad choice you would like to order by clicking the name.
10. At the bottom right you will see add to order and click that.
11. To check out, Click the shopping cart (top right) and check out (bottom right)
12. You are all done.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Nutrition Department at 435-637-1732, option #2