Creekview Elementary wins 1000 books

On Tuesday, March 22nd a delivery of books arrived at Creekview Elementary. Principal Keith Palmer explained that one of his faculty members had entered The Christmas Pig: A Global Virtual Holiday Reading with J.K. Rowling and our 1000-Book-Gift-of-Reading-Giveaway.

Mrs. Shaylynn Stilson, a 5th grade teacher at Creekview, explained that she received the sweepstakes information from her mother, who is an educator in the Emery School District. The sweepstakes was sponsored by Scholastic Books in cooperation with Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling. Scholastic only approached 100 teachers nationwide with the offer to submit the name of one student whom they felt was a “Super Reader.”

The grand prize, awarded to only five of the 100 students, was a virtual reading of The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling. Although Mrs. Stilson’s student did not make it to the top five, the sweepstakes team at scholastic said in an email to Mrs. Stilson, “We ‘virtually’ met a hundred extraordinary students thanks to the efforts of teachers like you.  It was not easy to narrow down entrants for the purposes of the J.K. Rowling video but we had to … But please extend our congratulations to your student for the hard work and focus that goes into being a Super Reader.  The world needs as many Super Readers as we can get!”

Mrs. Stilson and her class were excited to see the “mountain of books” - as Principal Palmer so adequately described. The books were placed on the stage of the elementary school to be unboxed at a later time.

Happy reading Creekview students!