Price Lion's Club Hosts Constitution Bee

Between September 30 and November 11, each of Carbon School District’s five elementary schools participated in the annual Constitution Bee. The competition is open to the fifth grade students at each school, and this year was the first that all five elementary schools participated. According to Karl Wood of the Lion’s Club, they have been hosting this event for ten years.

The Lion’s Club donates $50 per 5th grade class at each school and usually compete until the top three to five candidates are left. The Lion’s Club also provides the booklet from which the Constitution Bee questions are taken; in the past these booklets have cost $2 to $5 but the person who have been providing the booklets recently was awarded a government grant for their production and he sent 20 cases of booklets, “We have enough to do this for about 20 years!” exclaimed Wood.

The 5th grade students at each school are provided the booklets to study from for a set period of time preceding the Bee. The larger schools host an in-class competition to narrow down the finalists for the school’s Bee, and the smaller schools give each 5th grader the opportunity to compete in the school Bee.

During the competition, the 24 questions provided in the booklet are asked in random order to the competitors; and Wood explained, “A handful know it all and we go into ‘sudden death’ to determine placement and winners.” At each school, it was obvious how much time and effort all of the contestants put into studying the material…Creekview even ended up with an eight-way tie, because the competition was an hour and fifteen minutes in and the remaining students showed no sign of weakness!

Here are the winners from each of the district’s elementary schools:

Wellington: 1st - Seely Clark, 2nd - Kasher Gale, and 3rd - Millie Gardner

Castle Heights: 1- Drew Arthur, 2nd tie - Colton Steele & Kenji Kinoshita, 3rd - Emma Bailey

Sally Mauro: 1st - Braxton Seal, 2nd - Jaylah Metelko, 3rd - Addisyn Sedivy

Creekview: 8 finalists - Kaylee Brewer, Elias Martinez, Carter Cox, Klara King, Rebekah Dalley, Ashley Bryner, Hunter Cowely, Maggie Burdick

Bruin Point: 1st - Jethro Denton, 2nd - Eli Hunsaker, 3rd - Kaydence Manzanares

Photo credit for CVE photos- Shadayah Perry