Important Message for Parents

Dear Parents,

We want you to be aware of an app that students might be using right now that lacks important safety features to protect users from predators, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and privacy.

The Saturn app for iPhone claims to be the ultimate organizer for busy high school students. Once students have an account, they can upload their class schedules and connect with other students in the school. Anyone who signs up for an account can see all the information about everyone else in the school who is on the Saturn app; information like a student’s schedule, including classes and extracurricular groups. The app uses students’ phone numbers, Snapchat accounts, or school emails to create accounts.

Saturn is not affiliated with Carbon School District or any of our schools, and we do not provide information or support the use of this app. We encourage you to talk to your student/students about the importance of keeping personal information private for their own safety. Student safety is our top priority.

Thank you.