Mont Harmon PEAK Students get unique Field Trip

The Gifted and Talented program, PEAK, at Mont Harmon was treated to a special field trip on Thursday, March 31. The goal was for students to see what it takes to take an idea and make it into a product and the manufacturing process.   Also, PEAK instructor Ms. Renee Pressett wanted them to see possible careers and meet successful executives. The field trip was planned by Derek Adams, CTO, and Lisa Millar from Brainstorm Inc. The PEAK class visited two different places: StampinUp! And Stadler US Inc.

At StampinUp! CEO Sara Douglass spent the entire time guiding the class around her business.  They learned about the inspiration behind the company (her mom, Shelli Gardner, started the company in her living room in Kanab) and now StampinUp! is in 9 countries. The students visited with artists, designers, and saw the distribution warehouse that sends out 3,000 orders a day.  StampinUP! gave the PEAK students a crafting experience, where they were able to sit down together and make multiple cards.  The company asked the group to send the cards to someone they appreciate or who needs a lift.  Douglass encouraged each student to find their passions, whatever they are, and pursue them - “then going to work is a love not a drudgery.”

Stadler US, Inc makes public transportation trains. It is a company based in Switzerland, with a factory in Salt Lake City.  Lucy Knight Andre, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary guided the PEAK class through their amazing facilities and showed students how a train starts out as a concept in the engineering room, becomes thousands of bundled electrical wires, gets trucks (wheels) and all of the other thousands of parts that go into them.

Students were able to walk through some train cars and watch trains be tested.  Employees at every step of the manufacturing process talked to students about how to prepare for their line of work.  Engineers and mechanical and electrical specialists stressed the importance of math and science classes. Knight Andre explained that they really can’t find employees who know how to build trains, they are looking for problem solvers with great attitudes and attention to detail. Students met one of the interns, Gee Gee, a high school senior from West High, who is working at Stadler in the electrical manufacturing department.