MHMS Field Day

Students at Mont Harmon had the opportunity to participate in a school-wide Field Day on Tuesday, March 22. The purpose of field day was to promote interest in the Track and Field team at the school. Students were taken to the high school track by grade level to try out different track and field events that interested them.

Teacher volunteers at each grade level, in addition to the team coaches and athletic director, came up to help instruct the students in different events. In addition to the traditional running events, students could try out high jump, long jump,; shot put, discus, javelin and, softball throw 

The coaches, who are also teachers at the school, were able to spot potential and talent in the events and invite those students to participate in the sport if they had not already decided to join. Coach, and teacher, Jordyn Oman said, “We had quite a few students who were really fast that weren’t planning on running and we convinced them to come to practice and give it a try.”

Good luck this season, Pirates!