RETIREMENT - Wendy Cowley

Wendy Cowley started working for Carbon School District in February 1997.  She started as an aide at Creekview Elementary School.  In August 2001, Wendy was excited to start her dream job as a school secretary at Castle Heights Elementary School.  In February 2015, she was transferred to Mont Harmon Middle School.  Wendy states that she has met many wonderful people over the past 25 years.  It was exciting to see students and parents from the elementary level move up to the middle school.  Wendy feels that she gained many friends from employees, parents and students over the years.

She married her husband, Pete Cowley, in 1977 and they had 3 sons.

Wendy always felt that her life’s purpose was to work with kids.  When she started to see retirement in her future, she worried about how she was going to continue her life’s purpose.  About 2 years ago, she and her husband invited a young girl into their home for foster care.  About a year ago, they adopted this wonderful girl and now have a very cute teenager around and her life’s purpose is continuing.

Wendy was always envious of grandparents that were able to pick up and hang out with their grandchildren because hers didn’t live locally.  Recently her son, daughter in law and 2 grandchildren moved back to the area.  She now gets to continue her life’s purpose, retire and pick up and hang out with her grandkids after school.

Wendy loves to be with her family.  She stated that their lives consist of camping, riding UTV’s, fishing and of course hunting deer, elk, lion, bear and antelope.

She personally likes reading, sewing, crocheting, puzzles and yard work. Throughout her life the most important value was to be the best employee, wife, mother and grandmother that she could be.

We wish Wendy all the happiness and joy retirement can bring!