RETIREMENT - Nona Burgess

Nona Burgess was hired for the 1982-1983 school year to teach Kindergarten for the Carbon School District by Jim Jensen.  She worked for a few years and then quit to raise her family.  She was rehired in 1991 to teach Kindergarten for the District.  Fun fact:  Nona has only worked for Carbon School District in her entire career and has only taught Kindergarten.  She has worked for 10 Superintendents, 12 Principals, 9 “partners in Kindergarten crime” and 5 different buildings.  She felt privileged to have many loving and caring school aides’ help teach in her classrooms.  She wanted to say Thank you to them!  She states she cannot count how many shoes tied, bathroom accidents changed, noses wiped, boo boos pretend kissed, tattles resolved, lost children found (the child fell asleep on the bus ride home), family secrets kept, parents reassured and mental break downs solved with a daily Diet Coke that she has endured. She states it has all been in a day’s work.  We’d like to wish Nona the best in her upcoming retirement!